Cum ne vad ceilalti?

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Romania =

1. Hagi,Dracula,Nadia
2. Tigani, hoti, betivi
3. Ortodocsi, multe biserici si manastiri
4. Sarmale, mamaliga, pasca

Cum ne vad ceilalti?!?

Din 'greseala intentionata' am dat si eu pe urbandictionary si la "look up - " ce puteam sa scriu "romanian" desigur si 'surprize' 'surprize' :

1. A person who smells similar to a hen or a chicken, with usually big hairy feet like hobbits. These people can not be trusted and should be avoided at all times.
Frodo Baggins, that Romanian stole my ring.

2. Gypsy people from yurop AHHH! Romanian gypsy gonna join the EU, RUUUUUUUUUUN! quickly to Budapest!!!

3. joke: Dude 1 : Bro, did you see that gorgeous Romanian broad that won the gold? Just gimme 3 mins alone with her....

Dude 2: Yo you know shes only 12.

Dude 1 : Romanians mature early...

4. Romania, def., a country that kicked Hungary's ass too many times to count over the past century, which makes Hungarian sisses upset so they have to write nasty entries on websites...

5. A decent country located in Europe. Known popularly for the infamous story of Count Dracula, and to gun-enthusiasts, known widely for exporting AK-47's.

Interesante a...? Dar bine tot acolo se spun si multe lucruri interesante despre noi... (cat de interesante?!?)
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